My home workspace

workplace-home-anna-berger lighttable-ikea-hack

This is my tiny home workspace ready for new paintings and drawings. I also like to share my homemade ikea hack lighttable, works quite well at the moment, but on my wish list is on of these tiny lightboxes from Artograph.

I would love to hear what lighttable or lightboxes you use and what you think about them.


Friday inspiration


Here are two nice and fun exercises to get out of your comfortzone and just play around with colours.  Take two papers or if you got canvases, put a timer on 2 min (I used my phone) paint on the first paper for 2 min, then jump over to paint 2 min on the other and then 2 on the first again. Keep on for 4 rounds (2×4).

Next exercise is play with contrast colours, I choosed blue and orange and painted 10 min X 2 (total 20 min with short break).



These exercises are from the bloom true bootcamp  ( 4 weeks of totaly free inspiration!) from the painter Flora Bowley. I just love Floras way of making art, she have some really great tips and trix to help you out and do some fun exercises.

Have a nice playful weekend!