Inktober day 5-9



oktober-5-anna-berger                                                                            “A chair”

                                               “I can still not reach them, think we need to get…”

oktober-7-anna-berger                                                                        “A table”


oktober-8-anna-berger                                               ” Almost, think you need to help me.”


oktober-9-anna-berger                                          “Yes I think i can get one, but who is holding the ladder?”

To be continued… every day I post the story on instagram so pop in there if you like to know what happends.

Inktober 1-4oct

Hi I am doing the inktober thing. I will post and share an inkdrawing every day of October, to keep up the creativity. I post every day at Instagram, and then a more follow up here at the blogg. And well I couldn´t resist making a little story, so let´s see what happends. Here is day  1-4.
oktober-1                                   ” Dad, there is an appel tree, can you please pick me one?”


oktober-2-anna-berger                                               “I love to pick you one, but they hang too high up.”
” But if you jump?”



 “Nope, we need to get a ladder…”



 “Hmm, think we need to get…”

To be continued…

I am an semifinalist!


I am so happy to be one of the 50 semifinalist in the Global talent search! by Lilla Rogers agency.  The breif was to create an shoe pattern for the Brooklyn shop owner Antoinette who needs to bike to her shop, read more here.
I loved the brief and here is my pattern for her shoes.  There are birds shopping succulents, an little squirrel who says goodbye to his friend the fox who is flying out over the sea on new adventures and someone who sleeps all the time and miss all the loveliness in the world.
I call the pattern “Hello world”. Hope you like it.