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Ok, I am so thrilled and happy and also a bit shy to be in the top 50 in the Global talent search!
A big thank you!
I know I have not take care of this blog, sorry little blog I have not all forgot about you it is just that it is much easier to share on Instagram. You can find me here: annabergerdesign

Have a nice weekend ( I know what I will do, dive into the next really fun assignment)!

Mats bootcamp gallery


Here is my little Hierophant I made to our last assignment in Bootcamp. The assignment was to make a Tarotcard (that also could be used as wallart if you like) out from the starsign you have.
I am an taurus and well my tarotcard was the Hierophant. I have no clue about tarotcard, more than I think they are beautiful and mystic.
First we should draw and look at mideval art and strange animals, wow they are wierd! Here are some out of millons that I found on pinterest.

Go have a look at the fun and great bootcamp gallery here. You can see alot of beautiful art.

A Dragon, Franco-Flemish, about 1270:

Detail from The Luttrell Psalter, British Library Add MS 42130 (medieval manuscript,1325-1340), f186r:                          Detail from The Luttrell Psalter, medieval manuscript, 1325-1340:
medieval genetic engineering Luttrell Psalter, England ca. 1325-1340 (British Library, Add 42130, fol. 155v):
Flower-tailed bipedal unicorn. Luttrell Psalter, England ca. 1325-1340 (British Library, Add 42130, fol. 179r):