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Graduate showcase Happy 50`s

I am proud of being a graduate from the : The Art and business of surface pattern design  Please if you are intressted read all about it in the link above.
I am also proud of my work been showed in the teachers blog togheter with all the tallented classmates! You find it here:
This was one of the briefs making a collection of wrappingpaper and do a mockup, very fun!

Rainy days

Thank you everyone that visit the blog hop yesterday, so much fun and nice comments!
Well it is still raining here third day in a row so here are some words about rain:
Rain cloud
Rain forest

Rain mingled with snow

Blog Hop Welcome!

If you are on the Passion for Pattern bloghop today, you’ve probably just joined us from the wonderful blog of After you have read my post, make sure you visit  who has some great designs to show you. If you have only just found the hop, pop over to Claire’s blog where you can get started and join in the fun!

Please have a look around my blog and hope you get inspiered!
Below you can see two new artprints that are availble in the shop.

In the star woods:

The sleeping cat:

Thank you for looking by and don´t forget to go to the next blog in line to see some great patterns!
Have a nice day! Anna