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By train

Last week I went by train to Örebro to work with Färg & Form and the cute brand SKUMMIS wich is still as my little baby. We had a fun and great meeting and there will be alot more nice Skummis products in a near future, so exited!
I was thinking about trains and it was a really grey day I went to Örebro but my feelings where all happy, so this small happy train is my Monday drawing.
The train I went on was, lucky for me way more modern!


Monday elephant drawing

I had some help today from a sick small boy, very nice company.
I love elephants they are such an amazing animal! Here can you read more about them and the WWF´s work with the elephants. Please take care of our elephants today.

An appel a day…

Welcom to this Passion for pattern bloghop today! Pleas have a look around and I hope you will have an inspiering day today.Keeps the doctor away… well I don´t know, but anyway there is a lot of appels around right now, so in this Bloghop post I share some new appel prints that I had in mind last week.
As this new Iphonecase that you find in my Society6 shop. And this appel bed-linen pattern, soon availible at spoonflower.
“If you are on the Passion for Pattern bloghop today,
you’ve probably just joined us from the won- derful blog of Loni Harris at Cactus and Olive. After you have read my post, make sure you visit Liz at Ellejanedesign who has some great designs to show you. If you have only just found the hop, pop over to Claire’s blog where you can get
started and join in the fun!”

If you are going to Paris… and will visit the Indigo fair I will be a guest designer at the nice Belive creative studio, please read more in wednesdays post.

Thank you and have a nice day:-)

The Belive creative studio collection is ready! Off to Paris and the Indigo fair next week.

We have been an amazing and supported team of designers. I am so happy that I got to know all these talented ladies,meet some of them further down in this post.
I share with you one of my many lists and a sneak peak in the sketch-books in this project.Ok I didn´t follow everything on my list! I did get stuck with all the amazing colours we had in the briefs,
I did hang out on the internet to much! But I can now proudly reach my toes and I can also put the hole hand on the floor!
I hope you already visited Eva at:  don´t miss her fantastic cute drawings, makes me smile everytime I see them. Also you need to visit Veronica at: She is a colourcombination queen and I love her floral patterns.
Read a mini interview with all the other nice designers at:

But now most important: Get inspired- go to Paris – visit Belive creative studio stand – you can do it to –  maybe you will be at the next Indigo show?

Monday drawing

I have a new challenge – post a new drawing/pattern every monday!
Starting with this : Feeling a bit like Olivia in Popeye today……
Pop by one wednesday, we will have a bloghope with some of the guestdesigners at the Belive Creative Studio, alot of nice pictures and reading from all lovely designers.