The Belive creative studio collection is ready! Off to Paris and the Indigo fair next week.

We have been an amazing and supported team of designers. I am so happy that I got to know all these talented ladies,meet some of them further down in this post.
I share with you one of my many lists and a sneak peak in the sketch-books in this project.Ok I didn´t follow everything on my list! I did get stuck with all the amazing colours we had in the briefs,
I did hang out on the internet to much! But I can now proudly reach my toes and I can also put the hole hand on the floor!
I hope you already visited Eva at:  don´t miss her fantastic cute drawings, makes me smile everytime I see them. Also you need to visit Veronica at: She is a colourcombination queen and I love her floral patterns.
Read a mini interview with all the other nice designers at:

But now most important: Get inspired- go to Paris – visit Belive creative studio stand – you can do it to –  maybe you will be at the next Indigo show?


9 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Claire

    Anna, I LOVE this little post, so bright and you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes next week, wishing you all the very best..such a wonderful team Rosie has put together 🙂

  2. Bethania Lima

    Anna, your drawings also put a smile on my face. They’re seem so natural, have such a lovely flow to it. And, please, tell me your handwriting is not so perfect as it looks like in the post. Please. Youe entries for Indigo are sweet blessings. Well done!

  3. Leslie

    Hi Anna. I like your clever sneak peek and list. I had to remind myself to get up and walk around too, and remind myself when to say when and sleep. I wish you great success at Indigo and in all that you do!

  4. spaark

    I know i am suppose to be here reading your bloghop post but I couldnt help but scroll down and keep reading! I love your work…(especially your list)I want to go to paris?! Can I come next year? I promise to get off the internet and work harder:) Have fun! Julie


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