Monthly Archives: November 2012

Filurer in town

Wow! this is so fun! My oldest son saw this at the busstop near our house the other day.
The small figures is my Filurer. The commercial is about a new app where to report your
maternity leave ( easy described in english).
As you can see the wheater is still rainy so this was really something that brighten up my hole week or well I can live on this quiet long!!
If you like to buy Filurer click on the picture or you can buy them here.

Little sweet fox and pillows

Sweet little fox is a new print at the soceity6 shop, and there are some bright new pillows also at the soceity6 shop. Perfect present for christmas to the kids room or a new born baby. Just make a click on the picture and you get to the shop.

There are some fun things happening here so keep looking for more pictures, ok I let you know what it is about….  new fabric in stock and my Filurer from the skummis brand on a big commercial sign at a busstop!

Happy monday!

Paris typography

Last weekend I went to Paris!! It is such a beautiful city and I love that there are things going around everywhere day and night. Unlikely me I didn´t take a lot of picture, instead we just walked and walked and walked and had café cream and enjoyed life. But I found these nice signs that I just had to take a photo of!

For now I just need to rest my heavy legs and please if anyone have some extra pair of feet I will swap them direct.

Paper bird

I tried to cut some paper instead of just drawing in the computor and here is she a small paper bird.
Sorry for the dark picture but it is really dark here right now. And I have been told that it has not rained this much in 50 years! let´s see what happends when all this rain turns into snow soon…