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Merry christmas card

christmas-card-blueWe all have alot to do before christmas, but don´t forget to send some small wishes to your loved ones!
Here is a christmas card you can use for free, click on the picture and save it on your computor
it is not in high resolution so it is best to send by email.

Hope you enjoy it!
Merry christmas to everyone and I wish you a very nice vacation.


Christmas packing

packet-packningIt is so fun, right now I am sending green and yellow snakes, nice clothes and christmas stickers all around sweden. To make sure you have your packing before christmas plese order this weekend or on monday.


poolarbearNew poster in the shop and one off these nice blankets are left so hurry up if you like it!
The poster is also availble in the soceity6 shop, just click on the fox in the right side.
Sorry for the bad pictures! Better pictures will be added later.

Have a nice weekend!


Christmas shopping Snoffsdesign

tiger Bob pinkToday I have filled the shop with some nice stuff!
As this pink tiger T-shirt, also availble in bodys and as longsleeve and in green and yellow for boys.
The print is from a test collection that never went into stores so be the first to grab a unique psc of Snoffs clothing! Just go to the Snoffs shop here in at the right side.

Happy monday!

Christmas stickers


stickers-present-W12small-cards-w12small-cards-blue-snowmanI recived some great new stickers for christmas or use them as birthday stickers, good thing is that they can be used all year around ( well not the snowman…) Buy them here.

With all this snow I have really got the right christmas feeling, I will share som icey picture next week so please stop by.

New fabric Star flower

star-flower-1New fabric design!
This is a soft jersey cotton quality with the GOTS certificate so it is perfect for making clothes to
kids. Make a nice dress, a t-shirt, a body, an blanket or why not a pair of leggings or a hat or…
You can buy the fabric in my shop here or in scandinavia at Znok or in germany from Lillestoffe.
In Australia here.
I think I will make a hat to some friends kids, and maybe a bag or a small cusion or….. hmmm