Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sweet birds

sweet-birds-pink Sweet-birds-blue


Wow it has been really hectic around here! alot of things to finish, we have the Formex fair in Stockholm next week, and I need to show some new product scheetches and making a catalougue to ekoleko and…
we will also start to renovate our house on monday so we need to empty almost all the first floor and…
I have signed a new contract to a new Studio!!!
But between I made these sweet birds to celebrate the new year.

Have a nice weekend!

Happy new year!!

happy-new-yearolle-falkHappy new year!!
Ok on new years evening I said yes to my friends offer to join her and two other girls on a crossfit training season….  75 min every monday all spring and the trainer is a former athlete runner….so what could be better than this old picture I found on a magazine on the countryside, and well there are no way back, just go for it!
Hope all of you had a nice christmas and a fun new years evening.