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Lennart Hellsing and Stig Lindberg inpiration

den-flygande-trumman yellow-house ABC-book ladies-in-abc


It is allready week 3 in the course Make art that sells and I am having a fun and joyful time at the moment. I would liked to write about the week 1 and 2 and all the new experiences I made but right now it will take too much time, the only thing I can say that the course have made me think alot of my art and make me streetching my brain and art supplies! And most important having FUN and create alot of art and looking on some amazing art from the students. I just having fun and doing the things I love ( can you ask for more?).
This week is childrens book and waiting for the assignment we will have tomorrow I will share some of the book I had when I was a kid ( acctualy I think my father had them when he was a kid) I love these drawings and hope you enjoy looking at these fun pictures.