Global talent search my submission

GTS2013-journal-Anna-Berger-black journal-white-Anna-Berger2013 journal-yellow-Anna-Berger2013I did it! I subbmitted to the Global talent search project. I have been working and working on this piece and at the end I submittet the Black version as I thought it would pop more and I like the pink colour in that piece. The assignment was to creat a journal cover inspiered from vintage playground and I really enjoyed the them and I also figured out that I love to have a breif and a deadline to work from, you just have to make a decision and be finished. But I still love the yellow one and maybe I should submitted the white one instead….well your mind never stops thinking 🙂 Good luck to everyone that are in this competion. I have seen so many good art pieces from my classmates in MATS and hope one of us will be in the top 50.


6 thoughts on “Global talent search my submission

  1. rlmstudios

    hi love! I love your cover! Good luck to you in the contest!….I submitted too and did something way out if my league but did it anyway. The MATS class was an eye opener for me and very directional. oxoxo


  2. Lisa Deighan

    Hi Anna! Thankyou for sharing, they look great! I think you did the right thing by sending the black as it is more contrasty. This is the first time I’ve seen your blog and I really love the layout. Did you use a template from wordpress? Do you mind sharing the name? I still haven’t started my blog, all I want is something simple with a full banner at the top!


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