Hand lettering book

Hand-lettering-book-inspiration What-is-lettering-book-inspiration

Just to look at the cover of this book makes me happy, it is so beautiful. Inside you find alot of good tips and trix on how to draw letters and you just like to start drawing right now!
Mary Kate McDewitt who is the autor of this book also have a very good skillshare class wich I took last year and I can highly recommend it to anyone that like to learn more about hand lettering and needs beautiful inspiration. You find it here.
Ok just need to find someting to write, I mean draw, any tips on good quotes?


2 thoughts on “Hand lettering book

  1. heyjayel (@heyjayel)

    Oh I’ve seen this book floating around Instagram. Will check if any of the libraries here carry it.

    As for quotes I usually go to goodreads for quotes or refer to my quotes journal. I love Rumi quotes though for being inspirational and short (because sometimes I get hand cramps).

    Happy lettering!


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