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My Skummis Toe is in an exhibition at MoMA in New York, come and say hello to him if you are around.

Inktober day 5-9



oktober-5-anna-berger                                                                            “A chair”

                                               “I can still not reach them, think we need to get…”

oktober-7-anna-berger                                                                        “A table”


oktober-8-anna-berger                                               ” Almost, think you need to help me.”


oktober-9-anna-berger                                          “Yes I think i can get one, but who is holding the ladder?”

To be continued… every day I post the story on instagram so pop in there if you like to know what happends.

Inktober 1-4oct

Hi I am doing the inktober thing. I will post and share an inkdrawing every day of October, to keep up the creativity. I post every day at Instagram, and then a more follow up here at the blogg. And well I couldn´t resist making a little story, so let´s see what happends. Here is day  1-4.
oktober-1                                   ” Dad, there is an appel tree, can you please pick me one?”


oktober-2-anna-berger                                               “I love to pick you one, but they hang too high up.”
” But if you jump?”



 “Nope, we need to get a ladder…”



 “Hmm, think we need to get…”

To be continued…