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New project

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Due to my impingement syndrome in my right shoulder my physiotheraphist told me to draw more with my lefthand. Ehh ok well, that could be fun was my reaction so here we go. I made this practice into my 100days project so I will #100daysoflefthanddrawing on instagram. You can also se a short film of me drawing HERE. I start with drawing in ink with natural found sticks from the garden. Now lets see if I can do this for 100 days or I get impingement in my leftshoulder to!


gts-semifinaltaralayersFINAL ANNA_BERGER_GTS16A1_TEAPARTY

Ok, I am so thrilled and happy and also a bit shy to be in the top 50 in the Global talent search!
A big thank you!
I know I have not take care of this blog, sorry little blog I have not all forgot about you it is just that it is much easier to share on Instagram. You can find me here: annabergerdesign

Have a nice weekend ( I know what I will do, dive into the next really fun assignment)!

Mats bootcamp gallery


Here is my little Hierophant I made to our last assignment in Bootcamp. The assignment was to make a Tarotcard (that also could be used as wallart if you like) out from the starsign you have.
I am an taurus and well my tarotcard was the Hierophant. I have no clue about tarotcard, more than I think they are beautiful and mystic.
First we should draw and look at mideval art and strange animals, wow they are wierd! Here are some out of millons that I found on pinterest.

Go have a look at the fun and great bootcamp gallery here. You can see alot of beautiful art.

A Dragon, Franco-Flemish, about 1270:

Detail from The Luttrell Psalter, British Library Add MS 42130 (medieval manuscript,1325-1340), f186r:                          Detail from The Luttrell Psalter, medieval manuscript, 1325-1340:
medieval genetic engineering Luttrell Psalter, England ca. 1325-1340 (British Library, Add 42130, fol. 155v):
Flower-tailed bipedal unicorn. Luttrell Psalter, England ca. 1325-1340 (British Library, Add 42130, fol. 179r):


Inktober day 5-9



oktober-5-anna-berger                                                                            “A chair”

                                               “I can still not reach them, think we need to get…”

oktober-7-anna-berger                                                                        “A table”


oktober-8-anna-berger                                               ” Almost, think you need to help me.”


oktober-9-anna-berger                                          “Yes I think i can get one, but who is holding the ladder?”

To be continued… every day I post the story on instagram so pop in there if you like to know what happends.