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Friday inspiration


Here are two nice and fun exercises to get out of your comfortzone and just play around with colours.  Take two papers or if you got canvases, put a timer on 2 min (I used my phone) paint on the first paper for 2 min, then jump over to paint 2 min on the other and then 2 on the first again. Keep on for 4 rounds (2×4).

Next exercise is play with contrast colours, I choosed blue and orange and painted 10 min X 2 (total 20 min with short break).



These exercises are from the bloom true bootcamp  ( 4 weeks of totaly free inspiration!) from the painter Flora Bowley. I just love Floras way of making art, she have some really great tips and trix to help you out and do some fun exercises.

Have a nice playful weekend!


My GTS submission Anderssons milk


Final drawing

Although I knew the GTS competition was in the middle of the summer vacation I decided to take part as it is a very good and fun competition. With a slow slow internet on the phone I downloaded the brief called “little terrarium” for me a terrarium is something you have snakes and lizards in but soon I understood it was a terrarium with plants and small worlds phu! you should make a wallart picture that you like to hang on your wall and it should also include a word. With no computor I took what I had, my small sketchbook and the guoachcolours and started. I think the summer mood made me want to make something calm and very simple and pretty soon I found my colour schedule, and the best of office places. Below you see some of my paintings I did and the office. I didn´t get into the top 50 and next round but I had alot of fun time makeing my small paintings and I wish all the luck to the semifinalist who made beautiful psc. Have a look at the top 50 here and if you like a visual party have a look at all the 999 entries here.

GTS-Bif-flower-in-bottle-anna-berger GTS-flower-anna-berger GTS-yellow-wallpaper-anna-berger bryggan




Draw faces




I have a fear of drawing faces! some of your fears you need to do something about so I decided to work on this in a personal project. I will draw minimum 50 faces, each face should not take longer than 15 min, otherwise I start to think too much and I think that is my problem when drawing faces, so don´t think just do is my moto for this project. Anyone else with fear for drawing faces?
Also  very inspierd of the artist Kate Pugsley.

so many kind words

Ok I just need to share this as it made me really really happy. I just finished a painting class called “daring adventures in paint” made by one of my resent favourite painters
Mati Rose. She just made a blog post about the course and said these kind words about my dreaming of a star painting:  dreaming-of-a-star-anna-berger-web
Doesn’t this just make your heart happy? I love how Anna Berger weaves together bright, whimsical imagery to tell a story born of her imagination + inner wisdom (below). She also did a beautiful job keeping it light, maintaing the integrity of those fresh colors, and avoiding “mud”! The silver leaf star is a perfect final touch that emphasizes the story she’s telling. This piece is brimming with confidence and it definitely inspires me to be bolder.
Please read more about it here:

Thank you Mati for being so kind and a good teacher!! I can highly recomend this course as it is so beautiful done and very inspiering. There are several videos that are so well done and I can watch them over and over as they are so beautiful and bright.
Here is another painting I did after this one. It is called: The valley with two suns