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GTS Gallery


Wow, this time the GTS gallery is amazing, every psc is gorgeous! See the gallery here

I will be very happy and make a small happydance if you like to vote for me. Thank you thank you!  You can find and vote for my psc here. 

Here are also some drawings from my proscess and some small figures that didn´t made it into the cover, but could be used in the book.anna-berger-blue-teapot-gts16anna-berger-blue-chair-gts16anna-berger-pink-teapot-gts16anna-berger-flour-sketch-gts16
If you like to se more of my pictures please go to instagram, I try to post something everyday.
Have a nice day!




gts-semifinaltaralayersFINAL ANNA_BERGER_GTS16A1_TEAPARTY

Ok, I am so thrilled and happy and also a bit shy to be in the top 50 in the Global talent search!
A big thank you!
I know I have not take care of this blog, sorry little blog I have not all forgot about you it is just that it is much easier to share on Instagram. You can find me here: annabergerdesign

Have a nice weekend ( I know what I will do, dive into the next really fun assignment)!

I am an semifinalist!


I am so happy to be one of the 50 semifinalist in the Global talent search! by Lilla Rogers agency.  The breif was to create an shoe pattern for the Brooklyn shop owner Antoinette who needs to bike to her shop, read more here.
I loved the brief and here is my pattern for her shoes.  There are birds shopping succulents, an little squirrel who says goodbye to his friend the fox who is flying out over the sea on new adventures and someone who sleeps all the time and miss all the loveliness in the world.
I call the pattern “Hello world”. Hope you like it.