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sew a beaniehat tutorial


I made a beaniehat!
It was a long time since I acctually sew something, but when I recived my fabric from Lillestoffe I just needed to sew a beaniehat out of it. I forgot how easy it is. Here is how I did with a little help from my oldest son 🙂








First make a pattern. This will fit an 1 -3 year old child:
Take a papper and draw a line in the middle, my line was 42 cm (this will be the lenght of the hat). Draw 11 cm out on each side on the top and the bottom of the line, so you get a rectangle that measure 42 on longsides and 22 on short sides.
Now measure about 4,5-5 cm down on the middel line, make a small mark. Measure 1,5 cm from middel line on each side so you can draw the small triangels on the short sides (see picture) the triangels gap should measure 3 cm.
Measure about 12 cm down on one of the longsides, and make a nice curve to the triangel. You can use an old beaniehat and look at the shape of the curve, or just draw a curve you feel good with.








Fold the paper in four and draw the same shape, or if you use translucent paper you can cut the curved shape and the little triangel shape in all four layers at the same time, this makes you sure you get the same shape in all corners.
cut-a-psc-of-fabric-beaniehat-anna-berger fold-fabric-and-cutout-from-pattern-beaniehat-anna-berger








Cut the fabric lenght you need in this case about 50 x 50 cm to be sure, I had some nice help with this!  Fold your psc and place the pattern so one longside is on the folde side. Pin the pattern to the fabric.
cut-around-the-pattern-beaniehat-anna-berger sew-around-the-beaniehat-anna-berger








Cut around the pattern, don´t cut the folded part. Sew around, start where the folding beginns and stop where it ends. I use an serger sewing machine. (overlock). I took the pins out as I came closer with the seam as you can´t sew through the pins with this machine. I pinned the fabric so it should stay in place.
sew-all-the-way-around-beaniehat-anna-berger fold-the-hat-to-cut-same-small-cutting-top-beaniehat-anna-berger








Put the paper pattern on and cut the triangel on one of the top sides. Fold the fabric and cut the other triangel.







Take the sides of one of the cutted small triangels and stitch toghter. If you have a fabric with a oneway pattern as I do, make sure you have the pattern the right way up and stitch that side first, this will be the outside of the hat so you really want it to be the right way ( I know as I did it wrong some time!).
sew-one-of-the-holes-beaniehat-pattern-right-way-anna-berger turn-the-beaniehat-right-anna-berger








Ok time to turn the hat so you get the right side visible.








Sew the other triangular hole. Now you have like a long sausage.








Almost done!! now you just have to turn the hat right, take the side with the stitches and put it in the hat so it fits together with the top of the inside of the hat. Tada you made a beaniehat!!
Hope this little tutorial was helpfull, please let me know if you use to make your own beanies, it is kind of easy if you are familiar with a sewingmachine.
Ok end of story! have a nice weekend!
where-to-sew-my-sofa-anna-berger                                                             End of story!
Fabric starflower summer from: Lillestoffe
Like to buy a hat? just give me an email : info (at)