Kids pattern

Please have a look at my portfolio for kidspattern.
If you like to work with me or use any of these patterns give me an email at:
All copyright belongs to Anna Berger.

The knitting bear
The owl family
Har du pippi?  You have something on your head!

Har du pippi

Fina fisken     Something fishy
Trädgårdskatter   Tree cats
Fy katten!     Crazy cats!
Björnen sover     Poolar bear
Surt sa räven     The fox
Nattuggla     Night owl
Apa dig!   Monkey around!
Badanka      Rubberduck
Efter regn kommer sol!    After the rain comes the sun!
Har du röda hund?    Red dogs


3 thoughts on “Kids pattern

  1. MaJo_BV

    Anna, your children’s designs are adorable!!! Do you mind if I ask you where did you have your designs produced into childrenswear? Did you have them done for your brand, or did your license them? I’m only asking because my dream is to have a children’s brand, and the designs you are displaying look great!
    Thanks ^_^


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