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GTS Gallery


Wow, this time the GTS gallery is amazing, every psc is gorgeous! See the gallery here

I will be very happy and make a small happydance if you like to vote for me. Thank you thank you!  You can find and vote for my psc here. 

Here are also some drawings from my proscess and some small figures that didn´t made it into the cover, but could be used in the book.anna-berger-blue-teapot-gts16anna-berger-blue-chair-gts16anna-berger-pink-teapot-gts16anna-berger-flour-sketch-gts16
If you like to se more of my pictures please go to instagram, I try to post something everyday.
Have a nice day!



Round 2 in the GTS competition


Hi!! Here is my psc for the next round in the GTS competition. You can vote for it HERE, and read all about the competition and see the lovely and amazing gallery of the 50 semifinalists here.  I wish everyone good luck!

I am an semifinalist!


I am so happy to be one of the 50 semifinalist in the Global talent search! by Lilla Rogers agency.  The breif was to create an shoe pattern for the Brooklyn shop owner Antoinette who needs to bike to her shop, read more here.
I loved the brief and here is my pattern for her shoes.  There are birds shopping succulents, an little squirrel who says goodbye to his friend the fox who is flying out over the sea on new adventures and someone who sleeps all the time and miss all the loveliness in the world.
I call the pattern “Hello world”. Hope you like it.

My GTS submission Anderssons milk


Final drawing

Although I knew the GTS competition was in the middle of the summer vacation I decided to take part as it is a very good and fun competition. With a slow slow internet on the phone I downloaded the brief called “little terrarium” for me a terrarium is something you have snakes and lizards in but soon I understood it was a terrarium with plants and small worlds phu! you should make a wallart picture that you like to hang on your wall and it should also include a word. With no computor I took what I had, my small sketchbook and the guoachcolours and started. I think the summer mood made me want to make something calm and very simple and pretty soon I found my colour schedule, and the best of office places. Below you see some of my paintings I did and the office. I didn´t get into the top 50 and next round but I had alot of fun time makeing my small paintings and I wish all the luck to the semifinalist who made beautiful psc. Have a look at the top 50 here and if you like a visual party have a look at all the 999 entries here.

GTS-Bif-flower-in-bottle-anna-berger GTS-flower-anna-berger GTS-yellow-wallpaper-anna-berger bryggan




Global talent search my submission

GTS2013-journal-Anna-Berger-black journal-white-Anna-Berger2013 journal-yellow-Anna-Berger2013I did it! I subbmitted to the Global talent search project. I have been working and working on this piece and at the end I submittet the Black version as I thought it would pop more and I like the pink colour in that piece. The assignment was to creat a journal cover inspiered from vintage playground and I really enjoyed the them and I also figured out that I love to have a breif and a deadline to work from, you just have to make a decision and be finished. But I still love the yellow one and maybe I should submitted the white one instead….well your mind never stops thinking 🙂 Good luck to everyone that are in this competion. I have seen so many good art pieces from my classmates in MATS and hope one of us will be in the top 50.