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New poster to färgfabriken


I designed the poster to this years autumn market at färgfabriken.

Inktober day 5-9



oktober-5-anna-berger                                                                            “A chair”

                                               “I can still not reach them, think we need to get…”

oktober-7-anna-berger                                                                        “A table”


oktober-8-anna-berger                                               ” Almost, think you need to help me.”


oktober-9-anna-berger                                          “Yes I think i can get one, but who is holding the ladder?”

To be continued… every day I post the story on instagram so pop in there if you like to know what happends.

Digital nomad


As summer approach it is time to become a digital nomad.
This was our last assignment to Lilla Rogers “Bootcamp“. We should illustrate an article of lifes of digital nomads (not only summer nomads;-)). You can read the article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tanyamohn/2014/03/19/tips-for-becoming-a-successful-digital-nomad/

Hope you have a nice summer!