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Ulriksdals trädgårdar (gardens)

Ulriksdals-garden-1-anna-berger Ulriksdals-garden-2-Anna-berger

In Ulriksdals gardens, they have a lovely plant shop and café, you just like to move in!


Everyday pattern

everyday-pattern-concrete-wall-globen everyday-pattern-red-door-globen-area-anna-berger everyday-pattern-old-globen-area-anna-berger


Stripes everywhere… these are from the old Globen arena in Stockholm. Some of us watched football, some of us where running around and some took pictures.

yellow inspiration

yellow-inspirationIt is the last week of the e-course “Daring adventures in paint” by Mati Rose Mcdonough. Every week we got to treasure hunting an colour, as a very good to start to see colours in your everyday life. I start to show you my yellow treasure hunt. This is such a good and fun way to keep colours, shapes and patterns that could be your next inspiration for a drawing or painting.


Odd pod poetry three


Some more odd pods…
As I am not in the office this summer and can not scan any drawings or cuttings I rediscover
my camera and it has reopened my eyes 🙂 this is soo much fun and I maybe take too many pictures or as my oldest son said: mum you don´t need to take a photo of everything!  hrm..
well but atleast at every small little flower or strange shape or beautiful colour or….