Monthly Archives: March 2013

Male swimmer







Ok I just felt like drawing a male swimmer aswell 🙂

Happy easter!

The swimmer



The swimmer, a new drawing making me thinking of summertime!
Ok I will start again with my monday drawing challenge, but well I started to cheating and post it
on a tuesday…hrmm.
I found a site called Illustration Friday and they post a topic every friday, last fridays topic was swim, there for my swimmer 🙂  will see if I follow there topics every friday or if I just draw something I like on mondays.

New skummis products

skummis-wallies skummis-bedset


New skummis pattern out in shops!
So happy to see the pattern I worked on last year finaly in shops. You will find it on alot of nice products as bedset, boxes and changing mat. There are also some wallies to decorate the kids room. You find it here:

Still working on more fun products to the skummis brand, hope to show you more later.