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New project

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Due to my impingement syndrome in my right shoulder my physiotheraphist told me to draw more with my lefthand. Ehh ok well, that could be fun was my reaction so here we go. I made this practice into my 100days project so I will #100daysoflefthanddrawing on instagram. You can also se a short film of me drawing HERE. I start with drawing in ink with natural found sticks from the garden. Now lets see if I can do this for 100 days or I get impingement in my leftshoulder to!

GTS Gallery


Wow, this time the GTS gallery is amazing, every psc is gorgeous! See the gallery here

I will be very happy and make a small happydance if you like to vote for me. Thank you thank you!  You can find and vote for my psc here. 

Here are also some drawings from my proscess and some small figures that didn´t made it into the cover, but could be used in the book.anna-berger-blue-teapot-gts16anna-berger-blue-chair-gts16anna-berger-pink-teapot-gts16anna-berger-flour-sketch-gts16
If you like to se more of my pictures please go to instagram, I try to post something everyday.
Have a nice day!