Monthly Archives: March 2015

The conductor


Currently I am taking the online course “Make art that sells” part B and this is what I made our first week. The theme we was given as inspiration was toy trains and later the assignment was to make a winter holiday postcard. And well this is what happend! This is not a train, and it is not a pattern as I use to do, it is an conductor driving an old train!  I think I am so into storytelling and picturebooks right now so this picture just came up in my head and I had to make him first. Each week I go to the library and borrow as many picturebooks I can carry, I think the ladies at the library think I work at a kindergarten.
I also learning about photoshop, making textures and layering but sure it takes time. Below I share some of my process and sketches to this, and a little train I licensed last year to Aeon shop in Japan.
Now on to work on the actually train!

konduktoren-anna-berger train-skisser-anna-berger

train-sketches-anna-berger train-skisser-many-anna-bergertrain-cup-redtrain-apron-anna-berger

Japanese porselain


Togheter with Scandinavian pattern collection and traditional Japanese porselain maker Hasami Yaki in Nagasaki there will be an exhibition at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo 11 – 24 March. My porselain patterns are inspired by the swedish arcipellago, boats, sails, water drops and fishes. Later my porselain will be sold at the shop LOFT around in Japan. If you are in the area pop by the exhibition to see some nice scandinavian inspired porselain. You find the embassy here.