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Wall art in yellow and green

Anna_Berger_wall-art_1A_week4 Camera Effects-1372498682597close up collage yellow-gren img090Week 4 Wall art. I was a bit frighten about this in the first, it is such a big market and I have never done anything like this before, but when I saw the videos and all the great materials we had in class this market seams to be so free and fun so I just let it go and had fun, I am sorry I didn´t had time to get my art supplies as paint and make a big canvas ( our house is on renovation and everything is upside down and my art supplies is in one of the movingboxes eh somewhere…) We had to work with our colours for our birthsigns and I am a taurus and got the colours yellow and green, we shoul also have something written or a quat on the art and this was the hardest part, I found this from Paoblo picasso: Everything you can imagin is real. I am happy about the art I made and got over my frightens about this wich is great. The next week 5 I couln´t be in due to school vacation and family vacation and well it is still summer and vacation time here in sweden and my mind is still with the Odd pods 🙂

The snail and the rose tree

Anna_Berger_Snail-rose-tree_1A_week3 snail-drawings Camera Effects-1371644933991rose-tree-yellow rose-tree-pink

Week 3 Childrens books, this I thought should be my favourite week but I found it really hard, as I mention before I still was with the Odd pods ( and still are!) Or assignment was to make a cover to the H.C Andersens story The snail and the rose tree. I tried to make some snail caracters and I had very fun with it, but in the end I changed my mind and did the cover you can see in the top, more like my ordinary work and I am happy whit that too. You see some of my process and some sweet snails that need to be worked on! I will have so much to draw before part B starts in october and that only feels very joyful.


Odd Pods plates

plates-1-2 Camera Effects-1371042035289 Camera Effects-1370952158247This was week 2 Home decor market and the inspiration was Odd pods. I first thought this was not my thing, but I totaly got lost with cutting shapes and patterns and I think I am still here, can´t let this go and need to work alot more whit this it was so much fun!! Since this week I have had the words Odd pods in my mind severel times a day so deffently more of this later.

Global talent search my submission

GTS2013-journal-Anna-Berger-black journal-white-Anna-Berger2013 journal-yellow-Anna-Berger2013I did it! I subbmitted to the Global talent search project. I have been working and working on this piece and at the end I submittet the Black version as I thought it would pop more and I like the pink colour in that piece. The assignment was to creat a journal cover inspiered from vintage playground and I really enjoyed the them and I also figured out that I love to have a breif and a deadline to work from, you just have to make a decision and be finished. But I still love the yellow one and maybe I should submitted the white one instead….well your mind never stops thinking 🙂 Good luck to everyone that are in this competion. I have seen so many good art pieces from my classmates in MATS and hope one of us will be in the top 50.

My review from Make art that sells

review-anna-bergerThis is my review of my work for Make art that sells course, I felt like posting it now and I will blog about each project and show pictures from my process this week  so there will be alot of pictures this week 🙂 Also pop back to see my entry for the Global talent search.

Have a nice summer!